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What You Need to Know about Google’s Latest Update!

Google’s latest update, brought a new algorithm update which changed the way broad searches work. This influences SEO to a significant extent but first, what exactly is SEO?

SEO refers to a number of tactics that businesses use to increase their ranking in the search results of a search page, thus ensuring their website gets more traffic and therefore more business.Because search engines constantly update their search algorithms, SEO is a constantly evolving practice which has become an essential part of every online business’ marketing strategy. As SEO requires special skills and knowledge, companies should seek services of an experienced digital marketing agency in Sydney, Australia to get the desired results quickly.

Google’s latest update is said to be the biggest change to the search algorithm since Google Penguin in 2012 which was an algorithm that attempted to catch ‘black hat’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. ‘Black hat’ practices were manipulative tactics that many businesses used to boost their websites on Google’s search results. These tactics included keyword stuffing, link spamming and duplication of copyrighted content, among others. Penguin’s focus was to penalise companies and web developers that tried to manipulate their search engine rankings using manipulative SEO tactics. That’s enough Penguin for now.

The latest update seems to focus on YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites, which are sites that work with personal information, providing medical information or potentially selling sensitive personal information. Advice-offering sites – offering tips on various topics such as parenting or house-hunting – also come under the blanket of YMYL sites. Some other changes include:

  • An important change to the algorithm is the implementation of a Mobile-first index – sites that are mobile-friendly are now ranked higher in the results page; is your page mobile friendly?

  • On-site linking seems to be discouraged in this update, as Google intends websites to have professional opinions instead of SEO bloggers’ opinions. Whose opinion really matters most?

  • Website optimization now affects the rankings. Better performing sites are now ranked higher. Ask yourself, how quickly does your page load?

Google has stated that the new update isn’t meant to handicap high-ranked sites, but to reward lower-ranked sites that fare better on the above-mentioned criteria. As always, the key to great rankings is ‘a great user experience, high quality content’.

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