Remarketing Process

Feel like you have been followed around when you’re online?? Well, you have been remarketed to!! Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

Victory Advertising optimizes your online marketing strategy taking your web presence to the next level. By interlinking your brand with other search categories, you can now place your advertisements on various other websites using Remarketing. Your brand can now leave a lasting impact by appearing to a prospective client even when they’re not directly searching for your website!


Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations or promote awareness of your brand, remarketing can be a strategic component of your advertising. It can drive return on investment (ROI) for all types of advertisers.

Access to people when they’re most likely to buy:  You have the option to reach people after they’ve interacted with your business. This could be when they’re searching for your product, visiting other websites and using other mobile apps. Remarketing provides timely touch points to drive your customers to your website and app when they’re most engaged.

Lists tailored to your advertising goals:  Customise your remarketing lists to achieve specific advertising goals. For example, you can create a “Shopping basket abandoners” list to show ads to the people who added something to their shopping basket but didn’t complete a transaction.

Large-scale reach:  You can reach people on your remarketing lists across their devices as they browse over millions of websites and mobile apps.

Ad Creation:  At Victory Advertising, we can create your creative according to your needs and target market.

Reporting: You’ll have reports of how your campaigns are performing, and where your ads are showing.

Reach your customers when they’re searching for you:  Show ads to previous visitors who are actively looking for your business on Google Search.