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Latest Facebook Updates That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Facebook has emerged as an essential component of every social media strategy developed by digital marketing agencies worldwide. With more than two billion active users globally, Facebook presents a great marketing opportunity for businesses in Australia and all over the world.

Agencies that offer social media marketing services in Sydney help companies develop an effective Facebook ad campaign for their business. The April 2019 Facebook update brings significant changes to the way ads work on their site. Here are the latest Facebook updates that you cannot afford to miss:

Improved Ads Manager

Facebook has announced that the new Ads Manager with a refreshed, intuitive UI will be released by the end of this year; this refreshed design will reportedly have simpler navigation and improved campaign management.

Campaign Managers Rejoice!

Managing your campaigns just became easier with Facebook’s refreshed interface. Campaign creation is now easier than ever, with copy and paste being added to cut down on repetition. A new auto-naming feature has been introduced to save time spent on thinking of campaign names. These features are expected to roll out by the end of this year.

Cost Cap Bidding

Facebook has introduced a third option to bidding alongside the pre-existing bid cap and target cost options, called cost cap. Facebook states that the cost cap strategy is the recommended strategy when you want to maximize volume conversions without burning a gaping hole in your budget. This is an entirely different and dynamic option compared to bid cap, which (as the name implies) sets a limit on how high a bid is allowed to be and target cost, which now serves as a middle ground.

Inventory Filter

This update brings a new inventory filter, which allows advertisers to choose where their ads will appear and what their inventory is associated with. This is part of a larger scheme aimed at protecting brands. The three options available under inventory filtering are –


  • Limited inventory, which provides maximum protection
  • Standard inventory, which is the default choice when placing ads, providing moderate protection
  • Full inventory, which provides minimal protection

Problematic Content

Facebook recently announced that they’ll be working to clean up users’ feeds by attempting to promote news organizations that are reputed to be trustworthy. Facebook also stated that the reach of groups spreading misinformation will be drastically reduced.

There is a lot to look forward to at the end of 2019, with Facebook’s new Ad Manager. You need to leverage the benefits offered by Facebook by enlisting the help of an agency offering social media marketing services in Sydney – Make that Victory Advertising.

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