Important Steps That Help You Generate High Engagement & Views on Facebook

Do you intend to have more people interact with you on Facebook? Are you on the lookout to improve your news feed? Taking online help from a reliable advertising agency like Victory Advertising can help you in gaining maximum engagement and exposure. Online, engagement depends on the increased amount of likes, shares, and comments. The more the likes, comments, and shares, the better is the engagement on a post. Here are a few essential ideas from Victory Advertising about Facebook Posts, which will help you generate high engagement.

1. Create Shareable Content

The simple logic is if you wish your content to be shared, you need to create shareable content. Highly shareable refers to the content being relevant to the audience which compels individuals and businesses to share. The content should be able to make individuals stop in their tracks which Facebook term as ‘thumb-stopping’. The content needs to be something that could be informative, educational, breaking news, entertainment, or something highly unique.

An experienced social media marketing agency will surely help you deliver quality shareable content.

2. Ask Questions

Asking your friends or followers, specific questions or fill-in-the-blank posts are some of the easiest ways of getting people engaged. Questions tend to attract people more where they intend to reply and engage in a conversation. Further replies from other individuals, including you, can help build a conversation, thus attracting engagement on your posts.

3. Post Only when Prospects are Available Online

Every brand has its own time to post something on Facebook. This is because the best time to post usually depends on several factors that are completely specific to each brand. It is important to consider the industry you are in, a location where your audience is based and the time when your followers are usually active. A digital marketing company, like Victory Advertising, can help with researching the right time and designing posts accordingly.

4. Building Engagement with Other Brands

There is no hard and fast rule where you need to limit Facebook efforts to only your page. Have a look through the social landscape and post on other pages. You need to engage with brands where you share a synergy along with a shared audience.

5. Include a Specific ‘Call to Action’

It is vital to get prospects to engage by including something like a simple invitation that helps share the post. For instance, if you find anything valuable, share it with your followers’, or something similar. Invite people to comment on your posts that will initiate a conversation and further help build engagement. A well known Social media marketing agency, like Victory Advertising, can positively help by offering their professional services at a cost-effective price.


These basic ideas can help you generate high engagement and views when performed correctly. If you have any queries, would like further information or would like a free consultation on how to make any of these points work for your business, don’t hesitate in contacting the team at Victory Advertising.

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