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8 Ways to Improve Your Rankings in SERP

Search engines regularly update their search algorithms to improve the user experience making it is highly challenging to improve ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Below are 8 ways to improve your rankings in SERP:

  1. Keyword Research Optimisation: Keywords act as foundation to high ranking SEO content. It is important to have a solid keyword strategy to improve search engine page results, that’s why the content development process involves hours of definitive keyword research that can improve your ranking. Avoid using long tail keywords with same meaning because now Google uses semantic analysis and using such keywords will deliver almost the same results to the user each time.

  2. Optimise Titles For Higher CTR: Organic click-through-rate (CTR) is a fundamental element in your SEO campaign. By providing an emotional pull, you can potentially draw in a higher CTR. Learning to think like your audience will see you a step ahead of your competitors.

  3. Optimisation of Description Tags: Don’t just rely on title tags to improve rankings, even the description tag can make your content appear click worthy to the user. Use your tag line to make that emotional connection to your users. Opting for best practices in search engine optimisation is the key to the overall optimisation of your website.

  4. Link Building: A great link building campaign is very important for improving your online presence. Collaborating with top influencers will help you improve your brands online reputation.

  5. Better Content: The internet is exploding with a ton of information, yet it’s not always relevant and worth the reader’s time. Ensure you understand your audience and direct your content specifically to them. Create useful content with important information. Remember, it’s best to have quality over quantity.

  6. NAP Consistency: Ensure your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) is consistent throughout the website. If you observe any inconsistencies, steps must be taken immediately to rectify those discrepancies.

  7. Encourage Customer Proof: Use social proof such as reviews, case studies, and testimonials to improve your SEO ranking.  Ask your customers to provide reviews and feedback personally will help to build your online reputation.

  8. Reduce Bounce Rate And Increase Dwell Time: Ideally, you want your customers to find your content useful and spend quality time reviewing your website. If this is not the case, users will bounce off your site, and back to researching others. The time spent by users on your website, is called dwell time, and preferably, a low bounce rate accompanied with an increase in dwell time is what will drive success to your website. Consistently driving these two factors will improve your ranking.

In order to improve your rankings, some or even all of the above strategies can be executed. Improving ranking of your website on the search engine results pages can be quite tricky but the implementation of some smart strategies can help you achieve this result quickly. Give Victory Advertising a call to let the team there show you how!

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